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Vilakku Maadam

The Vilakku Maadam made out of stone is in completed state on the eastern side of the temple and the one which was just started on the southern side attract pilgrims. Granite slabs, more than six feet in length are paved for building the platform using some calculations and tenets, without using cement or any adhesive. On top of the platform, at a height on a normal person, a dome is fully sculptured. On top of this, it is granite slabs only. It can be seen at first sight itself that this architecture had been done with dexterity, in a systematic manner. This remained incomplete due to the miff between chieftains. Centuries ago, a King from Kodagu came with stones and other building material, from his land and started renovating the temple. He started renovation without the permission or awareness of Kottayam Landlord. The latter felt slighted and who was in fury, passed orders preventing the Raja or the King of Kodagu from carrying out the renovation process. He therefore left the place with the work incomplete and broken heart. Soon he started to build a temple of Lava-Kusa (The sons of Lord Sree Rama) at Kuthirakkod a little away from the Thirunelli Temple. Here the job utilizing the granite slabs and the rest of the material brought originally for the work of Thirunelli Temple were utilzed for the construction work in an exquisite manner but remained incomplete. The reasons for not being in a position to slab were carried to the location, involving a distance of miles at a stretch and the manual labour involved behind this great task, can well be imagined.