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Temple Pooja Details

Pithru Pooja

Pithru Pooja is performed in front of Lord Mahavishnu for the salvation of departed souls and to receive their blessings. The performer should provide the name and the star of the deceased day of the dead person to the counter. Pithru Pooja is the first pooja will be performed every day after abhishekam. It is the unique feature of this temple than other temples.

Ayushkaala Pooja

Thottil Kunju Oppikkal

Pooja Timing

5.30 am Abhishekam
6.00 am Ganapathi Homam (In Temple)
Pithrukarmmam On papanasini
7.00 am Pithrupooja- Ushpooja
8.00 am Ushaseveli
Pooja on Gundika Kshethram
9.30 am Pantheeradi Pooja
Pooja on Daivathaar Mandapam
11.00am Navakabhishekam
11.30am Uchapooja - Seveli
12.30pm Nada Adakkal
5.30pm Nada Thurakkal
6.30pm Deeparadhana
Prayer on Balikkal Pura
7.30pm Athazha Pooja - Seveli
8.00pm Nada Adakkal