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Pancha Theertham

While descending, the steps leading from the Temple to Paapanaashini, Panchatheerthan can be seen. According to Padma Purana, it may be noted that this was a slendid and vast water reservoir and in course of time, it got silted and reached the present status. It is believed that used to be sixty four Theerthas. Out of these, Panchatheertham was the most distinguished one. In the past, this was the temple tank. On the rock situated in the centre of the temple tank, two foot prints have been sculptured, symbolizing the sacred feet of Vishnu Bhagavan. Besides this, his attributes like Shanku- Conch, Chakram - Discus, Gadha - Club and Padmam - Lotus have also been sculptured. It is said that standing on this rock, Vishnu is belived to have given advice to Brahma. According to Padma Purana, in this vast reservoir there used to be five separate Theerthas. The sacred outcome of taking a ritualistic bath in these Theerthas are described as follows:

"Shankha theerthe Nara: Snathwa Vishnu Loke Maheeyathe
Gadaa theerthe Nara: Snathwa Swarga Loke Maheeyathe
Padma theerthe Nara: Snathwa Sarva Papa Vimochana
Shree Paada Theerthe Nara: Snathwa Muktheem Bhaktheem Labhe Nara."

The result is described one who take bath in Theerthas with devotion and full respect:
Shankha Theertha - Getting Vishnu Loka (The place of Lord Vishnu)
Gada Theertha - Getting Swarga Loka (The Heaven)
Padma Theertha - All sins of his birth are being removed
Shree Pada Theertha - Getting salvation and pious.