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Sub Temples

Akkolli Ammakkavu - Appappara

This is a sub temple attached to Thirunelli Vishnu temple. It is a Devi (Amma) temple which has been granting the prayers of childless couples. An interesting story about its origin goes like this. One day a childless mother from ‘Kudak’ came to Thirunelli temple and prayed for a child. Her prayer unknowingly contained a promise that if she got a child, it would be dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. Soon she was blessed with a child. There upon she came to the temple with her child and thanked the lord. Suddenly the child fell down dead and its soul merged with the lord. The mother of the child lost her mental balance and committed suicide. Her soul started haunting people. As such the lord got angry and through away the haunting spirit which fell in this place Akkoli Ammakkavu. This ghost in a spirit of fury started haunting people and killed 6 of them. The place became known as Aaralukolli (Place where 6 persons were killed). Later this name was shortened as Aakkolli. The spirit was merged with Bhadrakali chaithanya, which was installed here as Amma. To lessen the Bhadrakali’s destructive nature the idol was installed between lord Perumal and lord Siva with Lord Ayyappa in front.

Thenavarambath Bhagavathi - Shiva Temple

This temple is situated in Chemmanamkuzhi, near meenangadi in Wayanadu. The main deities are Ganapathy, Shiva, Sree Rama, Ayyappa, Nandi, Swayamvara Parvathi, Bhadrakali and Vana Durga - all in one Sree-Kovil (Sanctum Sanctorum). Apart from this, there is also the "Gulikan Chamundi" which is worshipped by the Adivasis. The origin of the temple and the installation of the idols of different deities are connected with "Rishi Manu". During his spiritual journey, he chanced to feel the presence of Swayambhu Shiva on one hill and Bhadra and Vanadurga on another hill. He also felt the chaithanya of Lordess Parvathi and hence an idol for Parvathy was soon installed for worship. People used to pray here for all sorts of their needs. As unusual, Lordess Parvathy has been blessing her darshan towards the north direction.

After the preparation of Nivedya for bhagavathi, it will be first given to Lord Sri Kalakanda Siva, before being given to other deities. The water used for the temple deities was also a wonderful peculiar nature of sanctity. It is collected from a little deep pit inside of a pond. The water is the pond in muddy, where as the water inside the deep pit (well) used for the temple is crystal clear and pure. It is behind that the Naga Idol near the Banyan Tree near the pond was installed by Lord Sree Rama. Since the place was were famous for the cultivation of "Thena Kathir" (Grain stalks like Paddy), the place got its name Thena Varampathu. There is daily pooja for all these deities. The Nivedya items are, Payasam for Devi, plantation foods and milk for Nagas and fruits and coconuts for Gulika and Chamundy Devi.

Special pooja and festivals are held for Lord Shiva, on the Thiruvathira day in Dhanu Month (December-January), Shivarathri, Chothy day in Midhuna Month (June-July), on the day of Thiruvonam in Chingam (August-September), Vishu (Meda Month - April), 10th Thulam (Malayalam Month) etc. The second day of every Vrichikam (November) and 11th day of Dhanu are important. Then there is Thrikala Pooja, which eluminates in the lighting of all the lamps around the Sree Kovil and the "Nalampalam".

Mechilat Sree Krishna Temple, Tharuvana

Mechilattu Sree Krishna Temple is centuries old. The Krishna Idol is in Krishna Shila. It believes that as result of a dream of Swami Vilwamangalam installed the Idol. The idol is very lovely, filled with sculpture and vigour. This is something special that we do not see any other places. It is believing that Little Krishna was used to graze the cattles here. The name has derived from "grassing land for cattle to graze". "Mechil" refers to grazing. The foot prints of Little Krishna and the cattle are often seen here. Anger of Little Krishna fell on a cruel elephant which formed as a rock and we can see this here. Sad to say, this rock is now ina private property. Devotees who came to Thirunelli Temple ussually visit this Krishna Temple to offer Palppayasam (Sweet Milk Pudding). Once in every year, the ceremony of "Thiruvonam Oottu" (Feeding the Lord on Thiruvonam Day) also conducted.

Vendol Sree Mahavishnu Temple

Cheeralu, Wayanadu- 673595. Phhone: 0493-6262100, 9447354599, 9497495263

This is an ancient temple where one can feel the Vishnu Chaithanya at its climax. Its SreeKovil and the Namaskara Mandapa were made of pure rock. Like many other temples, Vendoli Vishnu Temple has its own story of its origin. A woman devotee of Vendoliiiiiiie used too visit Thirunelli Vishnu Temple every year. She carried a bamboo tube filled with ghee as a gift to the Lord. Her lonely journey through the dense forest to reach Thirunelli climbing up and down the hills facing the threat of animals was really a fatal task. She grew old and still continued this fatal pilgrimage. Once when she reached a place where a white teak and a banyan tree grew, she fell down due to tired hers and fatigue. Still she kept her peity to the Perumal. Knowing this, Lord Vishnu appeared before her and said she needn't come up to Thirunelli and it is enough to come down to the place where she fell down and the Perumal promised that he would be present there always. Thus, there this temple came into being. This place came to be known as Vendol (where Ven (white) Teak and Banyan Tree (Aal) grew.) Vendoli Vishnu Temple is 7 kilometers away from Sulthan Bathery and 3 kilometers away from Pazhoor Junction.

Important Offerings to the Lord

Palppayasam (Sweet milk pudding)
Mangalya Sooktha Pushpanjali
Ney Vilakku (Ghee Lamp)
Vidya Sooktha Pushpanjali
Sal Santhana Sooktha Pushpanjali
Ganapathi Homam
Mandala Vilakku

Annual Idol Installation Ceremony on 29th May every year.
Ponkala (Sweet Rice Pudding) dedication on Pooram day of Malayalam month Meenam (March-April)